About us

Savonlinna Travel Agency

Savonlinna Travel Agency is a local and private travel organizer with a deep passion for travel. We strive to offer only the best to our customers, valuing quality above all. We tailor trips to meet our clients’ wishes in the best possible way, favoring local partners and services.

We sell international flights to Europe and other parts of the world.
We organize and customize trips for individual clients and groups according to their preferences.
Domestic and international hotels and accommodations.
Domestic train and bus tickets.
We package cruise packages on our own steamships on Lake Saimaa, including accommodations and transportation.
We sell ready-made travel packages from Matka-Kosonen Oy, Apollo Travels, and Olympia Travels.
We also offer trips from Ykkösmatkat, Aventours, Matkapojat, and Lomalinja.
Now you can also get tickets for the Savonlinna Opera Festival from us.

Our travel agency is a reliable and responsible travel organizer.
The trips purchased through us are a safe choice, leaving you only to ENJOY THE TRIP!

Savonlinna Travel Agency
Satamakatu 9, 57130 Savonlinna
Phone: 0600 392 020 (1.25€/call + 0.48 cents/min)
Email: heli.kotro@viptravel.fi or suna.huikko@viptravel.fi

LP Management Oy

LP Management Oy serves as the background company for VIP Travel Savonlinna Travel Agency. Founded in 2009 by Janne Leinonen and Leena Pietarinen, LP Management acquired the business operations and ships of Oy Vip Cruise Ltd from Janne’s father, Kari Leinonen, through a business transaction in 2018. Thus, the travel agency has strong support from its own cruise production.

The company’s ownership base expanded in 2019, with Rukatop Oy, represented by Markku Kankaala, and Iiro Jussila joining as owners. In 2021, the company acquired the business operations of Savonlinna Travel Agency. LP Management Oy is a full-service cruise line and travel agency with package travel rights. Additionally, the company is a growing DMC operator, packaging and mediating travel packages in the Saimaa region for foreign offices. Welcome to collaborate with us!

Board of Directors:
Markku Kankaala, Chairman, active owner
Iiro Jussila, Professor of Business Administration, investor
Janne Leinonen, CEO, Captain
Leena Pietarinen, financial professional

Our trusted partners

Our selection includes a wide range of destinations and various types of trips, ensuring that there is a dream vacation for everyone. Apollo Travels organizes package holidays, fitness holidays, cruises, tours and combination trips, as well as group trips. You can choose a relaxing beach holiday that includes flights, hotels, and your chosen additional services, or customize your vacation according to your own preferences.

In addition to charter services, we offer bus travel packages for groups and individual consumers. Package tours provide an easy and comfortable way to travel. You can book Matka-Kosonen’s package tours by phone through Savonlinna Travel Agency at +358 50 529 9512 or +358 44 780 0620.

Our travel selection includes direct charter flights from regionrts such as Joensuu and Lappeenranta to popular Mediterranean destinations, as well as travel packages with scheduled flights. You can conveniently book Aventours trips by calling the travel agency, either Heli at +358 50 529 9512 or Suna at +358 44 780 0620.


M/s Finlandia Offers Three Daily Departures from Helsinki and Tallinn, and these frequent departures provide excellent scheduling options whether you are planning a one-way or round-trip journey, with or without your own car.

Our offerings include a variety of travel experiences, ensuring something for every traveler. Whether you’re interested in a comprehensive tour, a relaxing spa holiday, or an exciting city break, Ykkösmatkat has you covered.

Our range of themed trips caters to diverse interests and preferences, allowing travelers to explore fascinating destinations while engaging in activities they love. Whether you’re passionate about culture, history, nature, or adventure, Lomalinja has the perfect themed trip for you.

Olympia Long-Haul Tours is a travel agency specializing in organizing themed long-distance trips.

OK Tours is a travel agency specializing in themed city vacations and guided tours.

Viking Line offers cruises and ferry trips to Tallinn, Stockholm, and Åland..

Tallink Silja operates ships under the Silja Line brand from Helsinki and Turku via Åland to Stockholm. Additionally, Tallink Silja Oy acts as an agent for vessels operated by AS Tallink Grupp, which sail under the Tallink brand, including the route from Helsinki to Tallinn.

Finnlines takes you to Germany, Sweden, and Åland all in one journey, while ensuring freight transport across the sea.